Vape Detectors For Schools

Vape Detectors For Schools

Vape detectors for schools for schools are a smart and effective solution for combating the growing problem of students vaping. These sensors monitor the air quality in specific areas like bathrooms, locker rooms, and other sensitive spaces to detect chemical changes that occur when students are vaping e-cigarettes or other devices. The sensors send instant alerts to school administrators, giving them the power to quickly identify and respond to any incidents. In addition, they are designed to work alongside existing school security systems, allowing you to easily monitor any alerts or footage related to an incident in one place.

These vape detection systems are ideal for schools that want to implement a stronger deterrent against student vaping while still maintaining privacy in sensitive areas such as bathrooms and locker rooms. In fact, schools with vape detectors have been able to cut incidents of students smoking and vaping in their bathrooms by half within just two weeks, with almost all incidents eliminated by week five.

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While some students can temporarily get around vaping detectors by spraying perfume to cover the scent, most are unable to fool Triton’s technology. All of their sensor models feature tamper detection and a high-volume 80db alarm that discourages tampering and can lead to quick apprehension by staff.

Vape detectors are a simple, cost-effective way to combat the growing issue of student vaping. By eliminating it in your bathroom, you can create a healthier environment for your students and staff members while also helping to prevent Covid-19 by keeping the air clean.

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