Hunting Eland in the Wildveld

Hunting Eland in the Wildveld

hunting eland

As one of the heaviest of all African antelope species, hunting land an incredible amount of patience and persistence. They travel very long distances and are extremely skittish and sensitive. This makes them difficult to stalk. If you get too close and make a mistake, it’s probably game over as they can run a lot faster than you can, and are very good at hiding.

In the veld, the best way to find a trophy eland is by looking for fresh spoor, then following it. They generally start searching for a cooler area in the early morning, and will often be seen bedding down by noon. The wind can be a big help in camouflaging your footsteps.

“In Pursuit of the Eland: A Hunter’s Guide

When hunting eland, you should be prepared to take either a broadside shot into the heart/lung area or a quartering away shot. A well placed, humane shot will result in a quick, clean kill. The PH’s on our trips have a great deal of experience in taking eland, and they will advise you as to the required caliber and shot placement for your hunt.

Both males and females carry spiral horns, but mature bulls are noticeably thicker at the bases and more massive compared to female horns which can be quite thin and crooked. The horns of the older bulls can reach nearly 50 inches in circumference. The back skin of a trophy eland is a desirable rug, and the hooves can be used as bookends or lamp stands.

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